Korkmaz Group, founded by Chairman Charbel Korkmaz in 1985, (as Cybele Real Estate) thrived and succeeded in becoming one of the leading Real Estate & Consulting firms in the country. Cybele Real Estate was first established in Beirut as a Real Estate Consulting firm yet to quickly expand its range of activities to include Real Estate Development, Property Management and all other real estate services.

Later in 2012, Korkmaz Grp has been founded to include Cybele (Real Estate Consultancy), Korkmaz Estates (Real Estate Development) and Korkmaz EC (Engineering and Contracting) becoming the leading “MALL OF REAL ESTATE” in the region.

Starting from concept design phase, Korkmaz Grp offers turnkey projects that provides the world’s most advanced technologies and sustainable solutions in its design and execution through schematic design, design development, tender preparation and evaluation, site supervision, construction management services, and general contracting services.

Korkmaz Grp has attained an impressive roster of Clients since the commencement of the corporate operation. It has put forward expertise and technical efficiency to optimize its client business performance and has expanded its operation to cover different countries worldwide, as we mention Saudie Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and other

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